Traditional Restaurant

Canteen Bus Gobelins is a benchmark for good living! No risk of being hungry! Open 7/7, Midi & Evening, all summer, reservations recommended! All our dishes are out!

In the warm atmosphere of the room paneling, film takes the form of famous faces in his black frames and invites you to share our giant specialties in a vintage atmosphere.

Our gourmet menu comes in fresh hearty dishes and desserts giants which some homemade. To accompany these giant plates, Canteen Bus Gobelins, innovates and offers a wine of the month, a wine grower, from the 1st coast of Bordeaux selected by Emmanuel Delmas, renowned sommelier, passionate.

You will also be charmed by our original beer month, Belgian beer ginger which imparts a unique taste of power and sweetness.

Finally, Canteen Bus Gobelins rhymes with Cinema Malin! Exclusive partner UGC Gobelins, we offer "Premieres" and "Pass Solo" throughout the year without forgetting our animations (his roulette and riddle blackboard with his surprise gift if you find it!) .

52, avenue des Gobelins, 75013 Paris